Arbër Shabani

Senior Software Engineer | React & React Native Expert | CEO of Coetic X | Helicopter Pilot


personArbër Shabani
calendar_month21 January, 1997
languageAlbanian, English, German


phone+383 45 250 180
+43 664 996 449 28
location_onRr. Ahmet Krasniqi 5-1 Prishtina 10000, Kosova

Hobbies & Interests

pianoPlaying Piano
local_airportFlying Helicopters

About Me

As a highly motivated and skilled Software Engineer, I bring a wealth of experience across multiple industries, specializing in JS technologies. Whether it's fintech, healthcare, logistics, e-commerce, or aviation, I'm passionate about delivering high-quality work and being efficient. On a personal note, I enjoy pursuing a variety of hobbies, including flying helicopters, freediving, and playing piano.


2021 - Present

Coetic X

Senior Software Engineer & Chief Executive Officer

As the founder of Coetic X, I oversee the strategy development and execution of our software engineering projects for a diverse range of clients.

Pilot Planner (Course App w/ Dashboard)
From ideation to completion, I led my internal team in bringing this project to life. With my expertise and strategic approach, we delivered a successful implementation, ensuring the project's vision was realized. We leveraged various technologies such as React, React Native, Firebase, Firestore to ensure efficient and reliable functionality.

Accointing by Glassnode (Contractor)
Worked on crypto tax reports and calculations, implemented highly intricate features including fee calculations, using a powerful tech stack comprising NestJS, Postgres, React, Nx and more. Established the Cypress end-to-end testing framework.

Fashion Tech - NDA
Implemented a Virtual Try On SDK with a Shopify integration for the clients, restructured the app and aded a few mobile features. Implemented an internal dashboard for managing client data.

HelloDearest (Relationship Health)
Responsible for managing all technical aspects of the project. My role involved developing the mobile application using React Native with TypeScript, storing the app's content in Strapi CMS and building the web interface using NextJS and using Hasura and GraphQL for backend.

Porall - Human United (Healthcare App)
Worked on the app with React Native & MobX, implemented interesting features & breathalyzer functionalities.