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Meet the team

Coetic X is a software development company interested in scaling up, growing the network, connecting with teams around the world and assisting them with high quality code. A team of top developers that are highly efficient, have a progressive mentality and an immense passion for programming.

Our Team

Arbër Shabani
Senior Software Engineer & Chief Executive Officer

Arbër Shabani

A highly motivated and skilled Software Engineer, bringing a wealth of experience across multiple industries, specializing in JS technologies. Whether it's fintech, healthcare, logistics, e-commerce, or aviation, he's passionate about delivering high-quality work and being efficient. On a personal level, enjoys pursuing a variety of hobbies, including flying helicopters, freediving, and playing piano.

Edona Rexhepi
Chief Marketing Officer

Edona Rexhepi

Experienced Chief Marketing Officer adept at achieving remarkable outcomes. Strategic visionary and influential leader, focused on enhancing marketing efforts, expanding brand reach, and attracting new customers. Skilled in developing successful marketing strategies, fostering high-performing teams, and utilizing data-driven insights to optimize campaigns and drive maximum returns on investment

We, as a team, collectively bring a wealth of experience across multiple industries, with a specialization in JS technologies. Our expertise spans diverse sectors including fintech, healthcare, logistics, e-commerce, and aviation. We are passionately committed to delivering high-quality work and maintaining top-notch efficiency in all that we do.